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Halloween crafts without a scary price

Posted at 11:02 AM, Oct 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-01 11:02:29-04

Pumpkin topiaries or stacked pumpkins are a really hot trend right now. If you get caught up in their cuteness, you could likely spend upwards of $30 in a store. But why spend that money when you can make them for under $10 each! Dollar Tree is stocked full of cute Halloween decor right now that you can put out "as is" or take it up a notch. If you dig around your cupboards, you might even be able to make these for less. I made two variations: painted and not painted.

Topiary supplies:

*three faux pumpkins

*hot glue gun


*small bucket or candle stick holder

*floral foam (optional)

*faux moss (optional)

*paintbrush (optional)

*paint (optional)

Directions (not painted version): Make sure that the base of your topiary (bucket, vase, candlestick etc.) is wide enough to hold your pumpkin on top of it, but not so that your pumpkin will fall in it! Dollar Tree had some cute fall/Halloween themed buckets that worked great! Put your floral foam down inside the bucket. Take the stems off two of the three pumpkins. The foam pumpkins from Dollar Tree had stems that were just pushed in with a toothpick, easy peasy. Next, start threading the pumpkins onto the skewer, muck like you were making a kabob. Skewer from the bottom of the pumpkin up through the top. You need the pumpkin with the stem still attached to be the very top pumpkin. To make sure your pumpkins will stay on top of the base, just pipe some hot glue around the top of it before placing your stacked pumpkins on top. You can hot glue moss in between the pumpkins for a more weathered look.

(Note: another version includes painting the pumpkins prior to stacking them. You can use craft paint or follow this link to make your own chalk paint. I make mine slightly different, depending on what type of paint I get.)