Suspects in Branch County charged with conspiracy to kidnap, kill child

Posted at 6:29 PM, Sep 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-25 18:47:16-04

BRANCH COUNTY, Mich. — The two other suspects accused of plotting to kidnap, sexually assault and kill a small child were arraigned Tuesday afternoon.

Judge Brent R. Weigle officially charged both Matthew Toole and Talia Furman with conspiracy to commit 1st degree criminal sexual conduct , conspiracy to commit 1st degree murder and conspiracy to commit kidnapping.

Judge Weigle said the affidavit alleges that back in July the  suspects plotted to kidnap a child from a local county fair.

“It also alleged in that affidavit that there were specific plans discussed with respect to disposal of the body afterwards,” Judge Weigle said during Toole’s video arraignment. “If these allegations are true the court has not seen a case like this in the courts 32 years in the criminal justice system.”

Toole and Furman received the same charges that their alleged accomplices Jayme LaPointe and David Bailey were given Monday afternoon. He read the affidavit and charges during Furman video arraignment, who cried when he read parts about getting rid of the body.

“Discussions about where to do it, whether it would be a Walmart or a Meijer, the fact that there might be cameras at a Walmart or Meijer responses, [and] ‘well we’ve got 4 of us,’ Judge Weigle said while reading the affidavit. “A lot of the comments in the affidavit are followed by LOL, which I am told means Laugh Out Loud.”

Each suspect’s bond was set at $5,000,000. They are scheduled to return to court in October.