Barbershop owner apologizes for hanging Kaepernick doll from noose

Posted at 2:25 PM, Sep 21, 2018

PLACERVILLE, Calif. – A California barbershop is taking heat after a photograph of a hanging doll portraying Colin Kaepernick was posted on social media.

"They got Colin Kaepernick hanging from a noose," said Joseph.

The picture was shared by Joseph, who wanted to be referred to only by his first name. It was taken inside the Bowtie Barbershop in downtown Placerville and shows the former 49ers player hanging from the ceiling by a noose.

"I literally had no idea that I was offending people," owner 'Bow Tie'Barber told KTXL. "We have a hangman out here called George and so, you know, with the theme of Hangtown I hung him. And it was wrong, it was absolutely wrong.”

Barber is a well known public figure in the community and says the hanged doll has been in his barbershop since 2016 when Kaepernick and a teammate kneeled during the national anthem.

"I am a die hard 49ers fan and when that action happened there was a lot portrayed on the 49ers and I took it personally," Barber told KTXL.

But even with an apology, some, like Joseph, say the damage is already done.

"Imagine how many kids already seen that doll," he said.

Now, Barber says he has learned a valuable lesson and hopes his apology is accepted.

"I’m publicly announcing that I apologize. It was the wrong thing for me to do," he told FOX40. "Absolutely will never happen again. I absolutely see the other side of it. I'm sorry."

The doll has since been taken down.

Barber said he hopes to speak to Joseph in person to offer his apology face to face.