Murder suspect facing additional charges after escaping jail

Posted at 6:32 PM, Sep 20, 2018

KALAMAZOO, Mich. — Before escaping the Kalamazoo County jail for 33 minutes Wednesday morning, deputy Greg Williams said that Donnovan Lewis was in the recreational yard with two other inmates.

“Approximately 30 minutes into the recreational period [a] deputy noticed Lewis, who was kicking a soccer ball, ceased to kick the ball,” he said in front of Judge Tiffany Ankley during the probable cause hearing. “[He] was eyeing an area along the fence line and bolted to that area.”

Lewis ran to the barbed-wire fence and scaled it, Williams said. Lewis then jumped over the additional fence after it, which borders the perimeter of the jail’s campus. He then took of across the lawn and scaled a third fence before running into traffic on the I-94 Business loop.

“Various police officers and agencies were notified about his escape out of the Kalamazoo County Jail recreational yard,” Williams continued. “During pursuit of him, he was caught up to and captured approximately  30-40 minute into the pursuit.”

Lewis has been in jail since late June. He’s charged with open  murder in the death of his girlfriend Aniya Mack. He's expected to be arraigned Friday morning at the Kalamazoo County Courthouse.