Kalamazoo College Football off to 3-0 start

Posted at 11:48 PM, Sep 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-18 23:49:06-04

KALMAZOO, Mich. -- The Kalamazoo College football team had a total of four wins in the last two years when they began the 2018 season, including a 1-7 record in 2017.

But this year is different, and the Hornets are already 3-0 on the year.

"The leadership on the team has really picked up this year," junior running back Jared Pittman said. "The guys have bought in. Coach has preached his effort-win thing since we started in the spring, and we have really embodied that and taken ownership in that, and it's really shown in these last three games."

Their defense is one of the major improvements, holding teams to seven points so far this season.

"There's a new attitude," head coach Jamie Zorbo added. "There's a real focus on effort and just giving superior effort every single play. And that's been a big difference, just putting guys in position to make plays, and even when we do make mistakes we're gonna have two, three, four guys at the ball ready to back a guy up if he does miss."

And on offense, Pittman has literally been running the show.

'"It feels great. The coaches have a lot of trust in me, and I have trust in my teammates. The offensive line, the receivers on the edge blocking, the quarterback making the best decision and the reads to give me the ball or take it, but it's a whole team effort."