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Talons Out Honor Flight sends Thousandth veteran to DC

Posted at 7:29 AM, Sep 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-16 07:29:53-04

WASHINGTON, DC--A group of Korean war, World War II, and Vietnam veterans hopped on a once in a lifetime flight to DC to see the war memorials, many of the vets getting the chance to see them for the first time.

FOX17's Candese Charles tagged along on that trip to capture the special moment.

The Talons out Honor Flight sends a group of veterans to DC, for free, up to three times a year, giving each veteran a chance to create new memories and relive old ones.

The stories that bought the veterans to those very moments were all special in their own ways.

From a couple who met before the Korean war and then severed together to a veteran who says he was there when the flag was placed on Iwo Jema, the veterans each had amazing stories that they recollected throughout the trip!

But the trip centered around 100 year old WORLD WAR II vet, Julius Gimesky. Gimesky was a Master Sergeant who survived pearl harbor.

The Word War II veteran is also the thousandth veteran the Talons out Honor Flight sent to DC to see the memorials!

An experience his family was grateful for and the reason the talons out staff say they continue to do these trips!

"I"m really thrilled that not just my dad, but all of these veterans are getting the kind of recognition and appreciation that they're definitely do. I know personally for my dad, I think, it's been overwhelming. He's a modest man, who keeps a lot of thoughts to himself. But, sharing some of the experiences he's had today with other fellow veterans I think has really helped him," says Jim Gimesky, WWII veteran's son as he stands behind MSG. Gimesky.

"Every veteran here has a really cool story and just amazing story that I'm sure you've found out throughout the day but every once and while you have that one that stands out just a little bit more and this is one of them," says Bobbie Bradley, Talons out Honor Flight.

Again, the talons out honor flight sends these veterans to DC for free! this year, sending 82 vets and the cost does add up.

Talons Out raises money throughout the year but have to raise more next year to accommodate changes. If you'd like to donate you can go to thislink to find out how! The next flight is October 27th! if you have a veteran in your life who *needs to go on this trip, also stop by the website to find out how to apply.