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Morning Buzz: 5 things to know for July 27

Posted at 10:22 AM, Jul 27, 2018

1. As of this morning there's a new Grandwich champion. City Built Brewing's "The Jibarito" has taken home the title this year.

The description of the sandwich says it's a "traditional Puerto Rican Plantain sandwich made with smashed and fried green plantains, marinated, tenderized, grilled and thinly sliced flank steak, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and garlic mayu collazo sauce. Accompanied by deep fried Puerto Rican spiced beef with traditional Peuerto Rican Rice Bori Balls and sofrito cream sauce."

More than 30 restaurants participated in this year's event.

2. Get ready to see the red planet up close! Just after Mars reaches opposition with the sun, people will have the closet view of the planet today, since 2003.

From 9:30 p.m. to midnight, people are invited to Calvin College's observatory to take in the view. It's located on the top floor of the science building.

For more details, click here.

3. H&M in Portage is now open as shoppers begin their back-to-school shopping.

Hundreds of people were at the crossroads shopping center Thursday for the ribbon cutting.

There were deals on clothes for the whole family too.

Mall officials are hopeful that the store will bring in more foot traffic, and help other stores as well.

4. The candy company behind Valentine's hearts, Sweethearts, and Necco Wafers suddenly shut down.

According to CNN, Necco is America's oldest candy company. In May, the company was sold to Round Hill Investments for a reported $17 million.

Round Hill Investments says they've since sold Necco to a new owner, but the name of that owner has not been made public.

However, the sudden closure left several employees out of work.

The mayor, where the company is located, blasted round hill, saying he's disappointed that the company couldn't follow through on the enthusiasm it had, when it first bought Necco.

5. Coca-Cola is raising its prices in response to the impact of President Trump's recent tariffs.

Coke told the Wall Street Journal that the price hike will compensate for increases in delivery costs and metal prices. It comes after the Trump Administration imposed billions of dollars in tariffs on Chinese goods earlier this year.

Coke is one of the many companies caught in the cross fire of rising U.S. trade tensions in China, Mexico, Canada, and the European Union.