Man caught on camera breaking into local business

Posted at 3:35 PM, Jul 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-24 15:35:56-04

OTTAWA COUNTY, Mich. -- Surveillance cameras at a local business captured a burglar in action. The man didn't attempt to hide his face.

The break-in happened July 1st at West Michigan Sprinkling and Hydro Turf in Georgetown Township. The business said he didn't get away with much, but they just want him arrested.

"We got a pretty clear shot of his face. So hopefully someone will spot him and make a phone call," operations manager Mike Goodwin said.

The business is clearly marked with surveillance camera warnings and outfitted with more than a dozen cameras.

Goodwin said the burglar first arrived wearing a hoodie with their face covered. The person put several pieces of duct tape on a window and smashed it. Goodwin said they made off with $200 to $300 from the cash drawer.

"It definitely could have been worse — computers, monitors, tools," Goodwin said.

Two hours after the hooded burglar came and left, a man is seen peering through the same window with a flash light. It's unclear if the hooded burglar and the bald man are the same person. If it is, the business said it appears he came back to look for something specific. He also seems less concerned about the possibility of being recorded.

"Which is odd because if he came in ready for cameras, it seems like he would have looked for one and noticed it was pointed directly at the window that he was breaking in at," Goodwin said.

He said, "I'd love to see the guy caught. I'd love to see it that he doesn't do this to other businesses or doesn't do it to us again."

The Ottawa County Sheriff's Department said it is investigating. If you have any information, give them a call at 1-877-88-SILENT.