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Morning Buzz: 5 things to know for July 20

Posted at 11:43 AM, Jul 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-20 11:44:12-04

1. One of the more popular pieces from the very first ArtPrize is about to become history. Nessie is set to be recycled today.

The piece made her debut as an installation in the Grand River, and made it to the top 10. Then, when ArtPrize ended, she was moved to John Ball Zoo Pond, where she has lived since 2009.

However Nessie is made of Styrofoam, so the years, water, and weather have taken their toll on the sculpture.

Zoo officials have been working to keep her intact, but say she's too fragile to be preserved anymore.

The plan is to recycle Nessie into a bench that will sit at the zoo's welcome garden.

2. Tracking your food while it's being delivered isn't really new at this point, but one pizza shop in West Michigan is letting you watch your pie while it bakes.

It's called "Pizza Theater," and it's available at the Domino's on Division in Rockford. All you need to do is place an order, either by calling or using the app. Then, when you go to the location, you can see your pizza being made from a viewing area in the lobby.

There's also a screen where you can track carry-out orders.

That location is looking to hire managers and delivery drivers too.

3. The FDA is cracking down on non-dairy products calling themselves milk.

The new guidelines would prohibit products made from soy, almonds, and other plant-based sources from calling themselves milk because they don't actually contain lactose.

The move would be a major boost for dairy groups, who have petitioned the FDA to enforce standards across the industry for years.

The FDA didn't say if it would enforce standards on other things like non-dairy yogurt.

4. Gatorade's future may be in your hands. Officials say customized Gatorade is coming as soon as August.

This means people can create their own bottles with a color of choice, name at the top, and Gatorade pod all online.

According to reports, Gatorade sales and market shares have started to slow down after competition from Bodyarmor and Powerade.

5. Chick-Fil-A says it's retiring its annual cow calendar after 20 years, and the news has some people udderly mad.

After the announcement, people started posting all over social media lamenting the demise. Where else would people be able to find images of cows skydiving, wearing glittery party hats and hanging out in the middle of a lake on a paddle board.

The super cute cow photos aren't the only reason that customers are mourning the end of the calendar's run. The popular item was also loaded with freebies.

The company says they'll continue to take care of their customers, offering new ways to interact including their app, which will have new updates in August.