Miller ready to lead the Lowell football program

Posted at 8:19 PM, Jul 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-19 23:32:38-04

LOWELL, Mich -- A day after being named varsity football coach at Lowell, Juston Miller spoke to FOX 17 about his new role and said the assistant coaches and players have been great during this transition.

"Our young men have been great, they've given patience" Miller said. "We have a strong sense of trust around here so they were trusting that their administration was taking time and not just jumping onto the next thing, and when I brought it to their attention, I met with my staffers but when I brought it to the kids and for some of those kids today was the first day they were able to greet me as their new head coach here in the weight room rather than just being an assistant coach. They're excited, they know my expectations because I've been around so it's been nothing but positive."

Miller said that all the assistants will stay on and he will continue to call the defense while Mike Curtis will continue to call the offense just as both have done for the last several years.

Miller knows this job comes with expectations and pressure, both of which he is excited to take on.

"It's a great honor" Miller added. "It's a little numbing still as I've been part of this and Coach Dean has always been the guy so it is a huge honor, there are those high expectations. I still remember that first journey down the path for Pink Arrow, the movement still gives chills down my spine when it happens, to see all the other wonderful things that have happened since then and so pressure? Yeah you're the Pink Arrow and so without a doubt there's pressure but pressure I'm definitely willing and excited to take."

The Red Arrows begin their season in Indiana against South Bend Adams on Friday August 24th.