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Morning Buzz LIVE: Stuff you need to know for June 26

Posted at 10:40 AM, Jun 26, 2018

Police Dog Performs CPR on Partner

A police dog in Spain apparently has been trained to perform CPR.

In a video of a demonstration posted on Facebook by police in Madrid, Poncho sprang into action when his partner fell to the ground and pretended to be unresponsive. The dog’s actions mimic cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

The dog repeatedly used its front paws to pound up and down on the officer’s chest while pausing to place its ear on the officer’s neck to detect a pulse. Poncho continued until the officer stood up.

Police wrote Poncho “did not hesitate for an instant” to save a life.

Breast Express RV Comes to Grand Rapids

40-foot custom nursing and pumping RV suite is visiting Grand Rapids!

The Breast Express gives nursing moms and their supporters a place to connect with breastfeeding advocates and share stories.

Pumpspotting is hosting the national RV tour as it makes it’s 7 stops around Michigan. Pumpspotting is the first app working to build a social network that lets breastfeeding moms find resources, lactation consultants and the best places to pump or nurse.

Traveling all summer for more than 10,000 miles the Breast Express will host discussions, live chats, workouts and other events designed to connect nursing moms to drive awareness and support for breastfeeding.

Lyft Offers Free Rides to Cancer Patients

Lyft is now offering free rides to cancer patients.

The rides are part of an existing collaboration the company has with the American Cancer Society, which will be covering the sot of the rides. Lyft is giving the free rides to and from treatments in 10 major U.S. cities including Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Houston, Miami, Las Vegas, Cincinnati, Denver, St. Louis, and Atlanta.

Patients seeking free rides can visit

GRPD Take Kids to Tigers Game

About 100 local kids got to enjoy a Tigers game thanks to a program hitting a home run in the community.

On Monday, officers from the Grand Rapids Police Department took the kids to Detroit for the game. It’s part of the department’s “On Base” program, which helps build relationships between police and the community through baseball.

For many, it was the first major league baseball game they’ve ever been to. The GRPD says it’s important for kids to interact with them when officers aren’t in uniform, and realize that they’re normal people too.

Unfortunately, the Tigers lost 5-4.