Sittinger overcomes being hit in the face to become a Midwest League All-Star

Posted at 11:10 PM, Jun 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-19 23:10:03-04

LANSING, Mich -- Whitecaps relief pitcher Brandyn Sittinger was a Midwest League All-Star on Tuesday night, but 5 years ago he wasn't sure he's ever get that chance.

In March 2013 while a freshman at Marshall University, Sittinger took a line drive off his face.

"The week before I was supposed to make my first collegiate start" Sittinger said. "I came in relief against Alabama Birmingham I happened to get two quick strikeouts and then the next guy hit a 98 mph fastball back at my face. It hit me at 103."

"I think it just drove him more because that time that he got hit they told him no activities" Brandyn's mom, Kim said. "He`s always been one to run around, never sit still for five minutes and a whole summer of not doing anything was tough on him.'

"it kind of made me look at baseball and sit down and realize how quickly the game can be taken away from you" Sittinger added. "You can be playing one day and the next something catastrophic can happen and you don`t get to play the game anymore."

2 years later after the his pitching coach left Marshall, Sittinger transferred to Ashland University.

"It all opened up for him" Kim said. "He showed everybody what he had. He became an all American and it was just so surreal."

Little did he know that he'd go from visiting West Michigan to play against Grand Valley State to playing here for the Whitecaps.

"I`ve always known of West Michigan. I`ve known of Dayton. I`ve known of Lake County" Sittinger said. "I just never though that I would be coming here and pitching other than playing Grand Valley. So it`s pretty funny to come back here and pitch day to day with the Whitecaps and be here and know this community."

Sittinger struck out the only batter that he faced in Tuesday's All-Star game, his East squad beat the West 3-2 in 10 innings.