Rockford High School students cut their hair to help children with cancer

Posted at 11:56 PM, May 20, 2018

ROCKFORD, Mich. – Some Rockford High School students gave several inches of their hair during a donation event Wednesday.

The event this week was put on by the students and the hair donation was the first of its kind for the school.

Students got the idea last year and were excited about the hair going to a good cause. Every lock will go to ‘Children With Hair Loss’ a Michigan organization based in Metro Detroit.

“Family members of mine have had cancer, and I know it was for such a good cause," says Molly Younker, a Rockford senior who donated eight inches of her hair.

A local stylist volunteered for the event, and while you needed eight inches or more to actually donate, some kids with shorter locks got their hair cut to simply raise awareness.

“I’m sure this brings smiles to people’s faces, because growing up as a kid and being a little different is a hard thing to handle. And growing up without hair it’s hard to be accepted, but I think with a wig it’ll help make these kids days," says Cole Johnson a senior.

More than 70 students got clipped for the hair donation event. Students say they want to make this a yearly event at Rockford High School.