Mom exchanges gunfire with man who stole candy money from her child, police say

Posted at 12:57 PM, May 18, 2018

Deshaveon Milling

SHREVEPORT, La. – Shots were fired at a Louisiana apartment complex after a man tried to steal candy and money from a child, according to police.

Deshaveon Milling, 22, approached the child around 8 p.m. on May 12th and demanded the child hand over the candy that he had been selling, according to WGNO.

The child refused and started to walk away, but Milling allegedly followed and snatched away money that the child had made selling candy.

The child returned home and told his mother what happened.

When the mother walked up to Milling to confront him, Milling then pulled out a handgun and opened fire, according to the Shreveport Police Department.

The mother, who was also armed with a handgun, returned fire as Milling ran away.

The woman told police that she acted in self defense, and no one was injured in the exchange.

On May 14th, acting on a to the police hotline Crimestoppers, officers found Milling and arrest him without incident.

Milling, who had two outstanding warrants, faces charges of simple robbery and illegal use of a weapon.