Brewery names beer after 100th Street Bridge

Posted at 1:36 PM, May 18, 2018

DORR, Mich. – A brewery is taking advantage of their location near a seemingly cursed bridge.

5 Lakes Brewing Company in Dorr, Michigan has renamed their summer wheat beer after the 100th Street Bridge over U.S. 131, which keeps getting hit by trucks and high profile vehicles.

100th Street Bridge Wheat was released Friday.  Last summer, their summer beer was “Skeet Wheat” but Andy Steenbergen, the Head of Brewing Operations, tells FOX 17 that the malt was a little different this year, so they figured they should name it something different.

The brewery, which is one exit south of the 100th Street Bridge at 142nd Avenue, even wrapped the tap handle for 100th Street Bridge Wheat in bubblewrap, which was an idea proposed earlier this year on social media for the bridge.

The bridge has been struck by vehicles at least eight times so far in 2018.

The beer was tapped Friday and is for sale.