Gender reveal outside Wrigley Field doesn’t go as planned

Posted at 10:03 PM, May 15, 2018

CHICAGO – When two Cubs fans tried to record a gender reveal outside Chicago’s Wrigley Field over the weekend – itdid not go well.

Wrigley Field has been the site of important moments in the lives of many Chicago baseball fans. There are the first games, the victories, the championships (of late). Sometimes there are even first dates and proposals that win hearts on social media and occasionally appear on game broadcasts.

So it wasn’t surprising that a couple might also stage a gender reveal at the ballpark. The plan, it appears, was to have the mother throw the “ball” to the father holding the bat, and when he hit it, the gender would be revealed through either blue or pink powder.

Jeffery Habjan posted video of the moment on Twitter Sunday as the Cubs and White Sox played the final game of their first crosstown rivalry series of 2018.

Unfortunately for the couple, the pitch was over the husband’s head, and, figuring he wouldn’t be able to hit it, he tried to catch it instead. The ball bounced off the back of his hand and hit the ground, sending blue powder everywhere.