Heavy rain will lead to flooding south of Grand Rapids

Posted at 11:43 PM, May 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-14 23:43:12-04

WEST MICHIGAN — Areas south of Grand Rapids have seen at least three to four inches of rain since last week Friday. Problem is? Another two to three inches are likely in those same areas overnight as very heavy rain from slow-moving, training thunderstorms drop more.

I would expect standing water, ponding on streets and roadways, and likely high river levels over the next few days (especially across our southern counties). Typically, it takes a few days for heavy rain exit in to the river basins and move downstream. The rain falling overnight and in to Tuesday morning is falling on already saturated ground, so it will not sink or percolate in to the ground very quickly.

By the time this event is over, it’s possible some areas south of Grand Rapids may be on the order of about six inches or more of rain since last week Friday. The good news is after the possibility of a few lingering showers or storms Tuesday morning, high pressure will build in to the region and dry Michigan out through at least Thursday…and probably Friday.

Remember don’t drive through high water. Only 18″ of water can float most vehicles…including vans and SUV’s. The image attached to this story is accumulated precipitation over the last few days. Note the heaviest in yellow has occurred south of Grand Rapids (2″ to 4″), while areas in green are about one to two inches.

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