Community members support flags outside of Brann’s steakhouse

Posted at 10:27 PM, May 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-06 14:09:01-04

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Community members continue show support for a local restaurant that’s received a notice from the city of Grand Rapids about the flags on the steakhouse building, saying those flags on the building supporting law enforcement and fallen soldiers break city ordinance.

The owner, Johnny Brann told FOX 17, the signage is staying put.

Bryan Covington of Grant said there should be no limits to showing patriotism, believing the flags should stay right where they are with the only changes needing to be made with the ordinance currently in place.

“We have men and women that die for us each and every day. We can’t even hang flags to honor them? I just find that ridiculous and like I said, heartbreaking,” said Covington. “I could understand if there was sport teams up there other than unpatriotic signs, but it’s all about patriotism.”

Covington said the flags do not obstruct any views of street signs of street lights, and the ordinance needs to change.

“You look at the signs and if you’re walking down the sidewalk, they’re not bumping you in the head, they’re not obstructing any views of street signs or street lights whatsoever, the ordinance needs to be changed so you can be patriotic and get in trouble for it,” said Covington.

This support caused strong emotions for veterans visiting the restaurant Saturday.

“That’s our family. That’s why it’s emotional to see all the people out there, fighting for what should stay,” said Army veteran, Ashley Schwabe.

“I’m hoping that the city sees that through all the support Brann’s has had," said Covington. "They grant a variance so he’s allowed to not let these people ever be forgotten.”

Johnny Brann, the owner of the restaurant has previously told FOX 17 there’s no plans of flags coming down and if he has to file an appeal with the city, he says he will.