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Smart Shopper: Easy apps to find garage sales and host one

Posted at 7:51 AM, May 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-03 08:51:26-04

FOX 17 - Garage sale signs are starting to pop up around West Michigan. But rather than just stumbling upon them, did you know there are some awesome phone apps and websites to help you locate them? And if you are throwing a sale, you can actually publish your sale for free on these sites, too. : No matter what your location might be, this app will find you and highlight where all of the sales are around you! Better yet, you can see how many sales are saturated in an area. You can look on your computer by going to or by downloading their app. This site also allows people to advertise their sales so that bargain hunters can head your way. : This site/app has so many fun features! You can pick and choose which days you are looking for a sale and maybe even some keywords of items you are looking for. If there are multiple sales you want to check out, you can click the "Favorite" button so you don't lose track. You can also sign up to get free email alerts of upcoming sales, too. To get the app on your phone just search gsalr.

Yard Sale Treasure Map : This app helps you find craigslist garage sales right from your mobile device. You can search by day, location, distance and keyword. You can also rate the sale and give location warnings for others.

TallySheet : If you have ever thrown a multi-person sale, you know it can be tricky trying to keep all of the sales straight. This app, created by a West Michigan husband and wife, allows you to have multiple cashiers because you can just check people out right from your mobile device. It tracks sales, totals and at the end of the day, allows a lot of the grief to go away. : I love an awesome estate sale and especially like to find them when I am traveling. This site/app, allows you to find sales around the area you are currently located. Highly recommend!

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