“It is amazing, I get to play and not get sick,” GR center offers special Spring Break camps

Posted at 6:52 AM, Mar 23, 2018

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Springbreak is right around the corner and the Children’s Healing Center in Grand Rapids is offering some special camps for kids with weak immune system.

“The children’s healing center is a year round recreation center for kids with weak immune systems or that are especially vulnerable to illness because of a diagnosis they have, so [we] give kids a safe, clean place to play as germ free as a building could possibly be,” said Janna Sikma from the Children’s Healing Center. “We screen everyone who comes in and we just give them programs, free programs for them to come to and meet other kids and just have a regular childhood as best they can.”

The Children’s Healing Center is a resource for families in West Michigan with children who can’t be exposed to germs, the camp also welcomes siblings of the kids who are eligible to attend.

“Every time kids are off from school so that is holiday breakspring break and summer break we always offer they’re day camps,” Sikma said. “They’re short 2-3 hour day camps where our kids get dropped off at so these are for kids typically targeted ages 3 -12 sometimes we will do older camps for the teenagers as well.”

Starting April 2 the center will offer four camps all with different themes.  Monday is the Secret Life of Pets, Tuesday is Performance , Wednesday is Paw Patrol Time and Thursday is Pirates and Princesses.

“I know my older son is definitely looking forward to the Pirate & Princess day,” said Danyle Schiefla, a mom of two children who visit the center. “He loves pirates and anything pirate related. And then my 5-year-old Tolen I know he definitely going to be looking forward to the Paw Patrol day and creating his own superhero.”

The camps are free for kids ages 3 -12 years old to attend.

“It is amazing,” said Tanner Schiefla, one of the kids who visits the center. “I get to play and not get sick”