Police arrest burglar who crawled through attic space into neighbor’s apartment

Posted at 1:42 PM, Mar 14, 2018

OKLAHOMA CITY - A bizarre burglary case in Oklahoma ended with an arrest Monday night after the suspect was found in her neighbor’s closet, according to KFOR.

“The female who was inside one of the apartments went up into the attic, went to the other one and dropped down into the closet of the neighbor’s residence and began trying to steal clothing out of there,” said Master Sergeant, Gary Knight, with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Police arrested Heather Jo Campbell, 46, and discovered she had an active arrest warrant for another burglary from New Year’s Day.

Kelcie Proctor says her dad woke up early that morning to find a woman lying on the floor beside his bed.

“My dad assumed it was my brother’s date. And so was like, 'What are you doing upstairs with me? Go downstairs with Kase,'” said Proctor.

Her dad and the woman walked downstairs.

He even gave her a cup of coffee before she walked out the front door.

“And my dad basically goes, 'Hey, your date’s leaving and Kase goes, 'What date, dad?' And at that point, they realized oh, this woman’s not supposed to be in our house!” said Proctor.

That’s when the family noticed several of their reusable shopping bags loaded down with stuff the woman had evidently intended to steal.

“Fried chicken, spices, toilet paper, bleach, what else. She had my used toothpaste, my shower caddy, my brother’s old hoodies,” said Proctor.

Police were able to identify the suspect because she left her cell phone behind at the Proctor home.

An arrest warrant was issued at that time but police had not been able to find her until the burglary at the apartments on Monday.

Proctor is glad she is finally in custody.

“It’s crazy that this woman has the audacity to just walk into people's houses while they’re sleeping. It’s scary. My story is funny, but it’s terrifying,” said Proctor.

Proctor said Campbell did get away with her brother’s laptop and some expensive headphones.

Police say Campbell has multiple prior felony convictions, many of them for burglary.