Roads closed due to flooding — Tuesday Update

Posted at 5:19 AM, Feb 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-27 09:24:14-05

The latest list of road closures due to recent flooding:


139th Ave 36th to 35th St
13th St South of 102nd Ave
22nd St 137th to 138th
68th St 104th to 107th
104th Ave 58th to 56th
15th St at 111th
44th St at 106th


Keller near Mckibbin
Powell near Center
Jordan near Cunningham also near Rush
Eaton near State
State near Woodland
Saddlebag Lake near Jordan
M 43 and Cloverdale Rd
Curtis Rd and Maple Grove Rd
Woodlawn and Barber Rd
Bowler Rd between Ragla and Farrel
Charlton Park between M 43 and Barnum
108th St between Patterson and Duncan Lake
M 37 and Maple Grove
Cox between Clark and Curtis
Grange Rd and Thornbird
State Rd at Mud Creek
Dowling between Gurd & Banfield
Cloverdale between Wright & Bird
Davenport between Velte & M66
Davenport between M66 & Hager
Coats grove and Martin
Marshall between Maple Grove & Lawrence
Mud Lake & Hutchinson
Barber between Gaskill and Culbert Dr
Vedder east of Usborne
Thornapple Lake and Woodland
River between Nashville rd and Mckeown rd
Thornapple Lake between Devine and Price


Burlington Twp-10 Mile Rd, between South County Line Rd and W Drive S
Burlington Twp-O Drive S at 9 Mile Rd
Clarence Twp-U Drive N, between 27 and 29 Mile Rd
Leroy Twp-F Drive S east of 2 1/2 Mile Rd
Leroy Twp-K Drive S near 4 Mile Rd
Newton Twp-K Drive S at 10 Mile Rd


Indian Mounds Drive
White Street west of Wilson Avenue
White Street east of Wilson between Church and Ottawa
Division north of the RR tracks
Franklin between RR tracks and White Street
Sanford north of Nardin
Busch Drive
Broadway Avenue north of RR tracks
Chicago Drive at Rush Creek (Jenison) including WB I-196 ramps
Wilson between Chicago Drive and M-11
Chicago Drive at East (Wyoming) City Limit – Outside lanes closed


Grand River between Jordan Lk and Ainsworth
Darby between Clarksville and Brooks
Eaton Hwy between Harwood and M-66
Elm between Brooks and Clarksville
Harwood between Tupper Lk and Eaton Hwy
Kiddville between Orleans and Flannigan
Kiddville west of Flannigan
Kiddville between Orleans & Canfield
Midway between Bell & Hastings
Peddler Lk between Elm and Jackson
Flannigan between Kiddville and M-44
Kiddville between Flannigan and Canfield
Montcalm between 4 Mile and 5 Mile
Clinton Trail between Bliss and Taskers
Nickleplate between Hubbardston and Omara
Musgrove between Tasker and Bliss
Bliss between Grand River and Peck Lk
Tupper Lk between charlotte and Turner
Okemos between Peake & Grand River Trail
Goodemoot between Tasker & Bliss


M-96 King Hwy from E. Michigan Ave in Kalamazoo to Mills St
E Michigan Ave over the Kalamazoo River to E Main St
Park St from Crosstown Parkway to Forest St
Crosstown Parkway between Park St and Mills St
Burdick St between Crosstown Parkway and Stockbridge Ave
Portage St between Vine St and Lovell St
Vine St between Branch St and John St
Pitcher St between Vine St and South St
Town St between Portage St and Pitcher St
Gibson St between Pitcher St and Mills St
Rose St between Burr Oak St and Forest St
Sheldon St between Crosstown Pkwy and Gibson St
2nd St between Sheldon St and Mills St
Dutton St between Portage St and Jasper St
Kook Ct north of Dutton St
Jasper St between Walnut St and Crosstown Pkwy
Boerman Ave between Vine St and Upjohn Dr
Upjohn Dr between Boerman Ave and John St
Forest St between Park St and Crosstown Pkwy
Stockbridge Ave between Crosstown Pkwy and Burdick St
Reed Ct between Stockbridge Ave and Reed Ave
Terrace Ct between Reed Ave and Bank St
Clinton Ave between Reed Ave and Bank St
Egleston Ave between Reed Ave and Bank St
Riverview Dr between Sherwood Ave and E Michigan Ave
Engleman Ave between E Michigan Ave and Gilbert Ave
Bridge St between Gilbert Ave and Ampersee Ave
Hotop Ave between Gilbert Ave and Ampersee Ave
Sherwood Ave between Gilbert Ave and Ampersee Ave
Ampersee Ave between Ray St and Gordon Pl
Gordon Pl between Ampersee Ave and Riverview Dr
Ray St between Gull Rd and Ampersee Ave
Mills St between E Michigan Ave and Oneil St
Oneil St between Mills St and Blaine St
Cleveland St between Oneil St and Mills St


10th Street – W. B Avenue to Starr Road
Fort Custer Drive – North of M-96


Eastbound and Westbound I-196 off ramps to Market Ave
Entrance ramp from westbound Chicago Dr to westbound I-196

Whipple (Shaner to Myers Lake)
Ashley Ave (7 Mile Rd to M-44)
Joyce Dr (Cannonsburg Rd to Ramsdell Dr)
West bound Chicago Dr on ramp to west bound I-196
Konkle (east of Jupiter)
Indian (off West River)
River Point (off Indian)
Abrigador Trail (off West River)
Abrigador Trail (off West River Center)
Willow (off 4 Mile Rd)
Willow (off Canright)
Willow (off Bailey Park)
Walnut Park (off Northland Dr)
Shady Dr (off Knapp St)
Forest Ridge (off Coit Ave)
64th St (Pratt Lake Ave to Montcalm Ave)
Jackson St (M-21 to Oberley Dr)
Grand River Dr (Jackson St to Montcalm Ave)
Mall (off West River Dr)
Austerlitz (off West River Dr)


20 Mile Road between 160th and 175th Ave.
1 Mile Road between 150th and 160th


N. Douglas Road between E. Tamarack Road and N. County Line Road


Heights Ravenna Road between Ensley Road and Swanson Road in Ravenna Twp.


Ramshorn Dr. from 24th St. to 32nd St
Rich Ave. between 12th St. and 24th St.


Tyler St between 72nd Ave and 80th Ave
Barry St between 144th Ave and 152nd Ave


Almena 30th Street between M-43 and 38th Ave
Arlington 28th Ave between 49th St and 50th St
Arlington 34th Ave between CR 673- 52nd Street
Arlington 34th Ave between 52nd Street and CR 673
Bangor 48th Ave between 62nd and 62 1/2 Street
Bangor 60th Street between CR 378 & 34th Ave
Columbia 18th Ave between 49th Street and 50th Street
Covert 34th Ave between M-140 and 76th Street
Geneva 67th St from M-43 to 26th Ave.
Geneva 16th Avenue between 60th St and CR 681
Geneva 4th Ave between CR 681 and 59th Street
Geneva 8th Ave between 68th Street and 64th Street
Geneva 67th Street between CR 388 and Baseline Rd
Geneva 70th Street between CR 388 and Baseline Rd
Geneva 62nd Street between CR 380 and 16th Avenue
Geneva 24th Ave between 69th Street and 72nd Street
Hamilton CR 215 between M-51 and 92nd Ave.
Keeler CR 352 between 60th and 62nd Streets
Keeler CR 352 between CR 681 and 60 1/2 St
Lawrence 50th Street between 60th Ave and 64th Ave
Lawrence 54th Street between CR 215 and Red Arrow
Paw Paw 40th Street between CR 665 and 47th
Pine Grove 34th Street between CR 390 and Baseline Rd.
Pine Grove 8th Ave between 30 1/2 Street and CR 653
Pine Grove 30 1/2 Street between 8th Ave and CR 390
Waverly 40th Street between CR 665 and 47th Ave
Waverly 40th Street between 36th Ave and M-43