Road closures across West Michigan due to flooding

Posted at 8:31 PM, Feb 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-22 10:27:27-05

Here is a list of road closures across West Michigan as many areas continue to be iaffected by flooding.


139th Ave between 36th St and 140th Ave
Ottagon Ave between 43rd St and 44th St
19th St south of Jefferson Ave
Baseline Rd between 59th St and 60th St
19th St south of 112th Ave (down to 1 lane)
River Road between 128th Ave and 130th Ave (down to 1 lane)
62nd between Baseline and 102nd Ave (deep water signed but not closed)
15th St between 128th Ave and 126th Ave
118th Ave between 20th St and 16th St
107th Ave at 36th St

It’s safest to avoid these areas until water levels recede. Please drive with caution.


Cox Road between Clark and Curtis.
Coats Grove Road between M-66 and Moore.
Bowler Road between Ragla and Farrel.
Maple Grove Road between M-37 and Wright.
108th Street between Patterson and Duncan Lake.Charlton Park Road between M-43 and Barnum.Large trees across on Gilkey Road between Enzian and Burchett.
Please use extreme caution while driving, there are many spots with standing water. We have put dozens of lighted type 2 barricades county wide marking water.


Linear Park path under the Emmett Street bridge, near Wagner Drive, and under the West Michigan Avenue bridge, downtown
Sections of the Linear Park path along Jackson Street, from Angell to Stringham
Sections of the Linear Park path in Bailey Park
ANYbodies Playground and the boat launch parking area at Bailey Park
Stone Jug Road, from Gethings to Ridgeview
Division Drive has reopened, though barricades will remain nearby


Burlington Twp-10 Mile Rd, between South County Line Rd and
W Drive S
Burlington Twp-O Drive S at 9 Mile Rd
Clarence Twp-U Drive N, between 27 and 29 Mile Rd
Leroy Twp-F Drive S east of 2 1/2 Mile Rd
Leroy Twp-K Drive S near 4 Mile Rd
Newton Twp-K Drive S at 10 Mile Rd


Davis Lake Street (Lane to Ashton)
Union Road north of US-12
Mason (Kessington to Tharp Lk and Tharp Lk to Calvin Center)
Wayne St (Union to Baldwin Prairie)
Goff Lk south of Stevens Street
Starbrick Street Tharp Lk to Calvin Center
Grange St (Tharp Lk to Calvin Ctr)


M-21 at the Maple River

Cassel Rd between York and Bippley
Reeder Rd between Keefer and Lyons
Knox Rd between Petrie and Sunfield
Eaton Hwy between Sunfield and Shilton
Bell Rd between Keim and Peddler Lake
Goodwin Rd between Keefer and Lyons
Tupper Lake Rd between Shilton and Kimmel
Harwood Rd between Musgrove and Henderson
Musgrove Hwy between Murtha and Welfare
Charlotte Hwy at Tupper Lake Rd
Grand River Ave between Jordan Lake and Ainsworth
Darby Rd between Clarksville and Brooks
Eaton Hwy between Harwood and M-66
Elm Rd between Brooks and Clarksville
Elm Rd between Clinton Trl and Peddler Lake
Flat River Tr between Palmer and Zahm
Harwood between Tupper Lake and Eaton Hwy
Kiddville Rd between Orleans and Flannagan
Kiddville Rd west of Flannagan
Kiddville Rd between Orleans and Canfield
Knox Rd between Petrie and Sunfield
Midway Rd between Bell and Hastings
Olmstead Rd between Stone and Nickleplate
Peddler Lake Rd between Elm and Jackson
Musgrove Hwy between Tasker and Bliss
Bliss Rd between Grand River and Peck Lake
Sunfield Hwy between David and Goodwin
Tupper Lake between Charlotte and Turner
Montcalm Ave between 4 Mile and 5 Mile
Flannigan between Kiddville and M-44
Clinton Trail between Tasker and Bliss
Okemos Rd between towner and smith
Dead end of Okemos Rd
Nickleplate between Hubbardston and Omara


Sorensen (22 Mile Rd to Sprague)
Grosvenor (west of Ritchie)
5 Mile Rd (Ashley to Montcalm)
Division Ave (Fonger to 11 Mile Rd)
Ashley (5 Mile Rd to 6 Mile Rd)
6 Mile Rd (Ashley to Montcalm)
Summit (12 Mile Rd to 13 Mile Rd)
Friske (12 Mile Rd to Rector)
18 Mile Rd (White Creek Ave to Simmons)
12 Mile Rd (Wolverine to Summit)
12 Mile Rd (Edgerton to Algoma)
Whipple (Shaner to Myers Lake)
Ashley Ave (7 Mile Rd to M-44)
Reeds Lake Blvd (East Beltline Ave to Manhattan)
Reeds Lake Blvd (East Beltline Ave to Hall St)
Division Ave (7 Mile Rd to 8 Mile Rd)
Konkle (east of Jupiter)
Indian (off West River)
River Point (off Indian)
Abrigador Trail (off West River)
Abrigador Trail (off West River Center)
Willow (off 4 Mile Rd)
Willow (off Canright)
Willow (off Bailey Park)
60th St (Bancroft to M-50)
60th St (Pratt Lake Ave to Montcalm Ave)
64th St (East of Pratt Lake Ave)
Wingeier Ave (64th St to 68th St)
Pratt Lake Ave (64th St to 68th St)
Montcalm Ave (Flat River Dr to Covered Bridge Rd)
68th St (Wingeier to Pratt)
Northbound US-131 off ramp to 54th St


Ivanrest between Prairie and Yellowstone
Ivanrest at 34th Street


Park Street between Crosstown Parkway and Forest Street
Forest Street between Rose Street and Park Street
Crosstown Parkway between Park Street and Mills Street
Sheldon Street between Pitcher Street and Vine Street
Rose Street between Crosstown Parkway and Burr Oak Street
Reed Court between Reed Street and Stockbridge Avenue
Burdick Street between Crosstown Parkway and Stockbridge Avenue
Vine Street between Portage Street and John Street
Dutton Street between Portage Street and Jasper Street
Walter Street between Lake Street and Crosstown Parkway
Stockbridge Avenue between Burdick Street and Crosstown Parkway
Jasper Street between E. Walnut Street and Crosstown Parkway
Lake Street between Walter Street and Portage Street
Lake Street between Burdick Street and John Street
Sunvalley Drive is passable at center line only


N Douglas Rd between E Tamarack Rd and N County Line Rd


M-120 Holton Rd closed between Twin Lakes and Brunswick at Maple Island Rd. Detour: Ryerson Rd and Maple Island Rd

Peters Road south of Apple Avenue / M-46 IMPASSABLE due to water over road.

Todd Road between Lorenson and Weber Roads for water over the road. It is closed at both ends in Fruitland Township

Farr Road 20 feet east of Stringer Road in Fruitport Township is closed due to a culvert failure. It will be closed between Stringer and Brooks Road. Detour is south on Brooks Road to Ponaluna Road; detour north on Johnson to Mt. Garfield.


Warner Ave. between Baseline and 8th St.
8 Mile Rd. between Comstock and Dickinson
Luce Ave between 32nd & 24th in Dayton Township.
Elm and 8 Mile (Old M-20) intersection in Norwich Township