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Teamwork key for Hamilton girls

Posted at 11:47 PM, Feb 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-11 23:47:44-05

HAMILTON, Mich. -- Playing basketball is a family affair for the Hamilton varsity girls program.

This year the team has two sets of sisters that make an impact on the court, the Schrotenboers and the Edigers.

Freshman AJ Ediger said it's not just about know where one another is on the court. "Most of it is emotional support like you can read each other a lot more because you've just grown up in the same household as them for your whole life, and they know what to do to get your head back in the game, because basketball is a really big head game."

Older sister Arika added they are teammates first during basketball season. "We are sisters, but at the same time on the basketball court we are teammates. We just kind of know each other, and we're just kind of like really good teammates."

And these teammates have some pretty big goals this year they are hoping to accomplish together.

Coach Dan Van Hekken said the team hopes to have a chance at another OK Green title. "We definitely talk about at the beginning of the season. Our goal is to win the conference and, you know, usually if we can be the top two or three teams, we always have a chance at winning conference. And again we've been successful the past couple of seasons in winning games in our conference, and it's always been a goal. And we always kind of set that goal and then a post season goal to win districts."