Spectrum introduces Davinci XI surgical robot

Posted at 6:54 PM, Jan 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-29 11:32:32-05

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - Robotics at Spectrum Health are helping patients heal from surgery faster with smaller scars and less pain.

The hospital recently got a hold of a new surgical robot to make recovery even easier. It's called the Davinci XI and it is the latest version of surgical technology. Thursday, the public got a chance to test drive the robot that they say will change surgeries here in West Michigan.

"You're able to return to work better. You're not in the hospital as long, so your outcome is better," says Todd Cooper, Spectrum Health Robotics Coordinator.

And Spectrum Health just got their hands on the latest version: the Davinci XI.

"The growth of robotic surgery has been incredible and what we look to do is actually convert some of the procedures that we're doing open we would like to do them minimally invasive so we have those better outcomes," says Cooper.

By using the XI, surgeons are able to get into smaller spaces with minimal impact on patients and smaller incisions means much faster healing time!

"With minimally invasive surgery your incisions are an inch or maybe even sometimes less and so obviously there's going to be less pain with a smaller incision," says Cooper.

Thursday's open house is all about letting people check out the Davinci XI, showing not only it’s benefits, but just how easy it is to use.

"I was just surprised at the ease in the wrist that you have with everything. Especially being able to look down at it, it really feels like you're just right there in the moment with it. I think it could be very helpful with surgery and I would definitely trust it on me," says Bekah Fehsenfeld.

Spectrum Health says it is the only hospital in the area that has the XI technology.

You can to stop by to get a chance to test drive the Davinci XI and get a free hernia screening.