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Winter West Fest Offering Snow Fun, Despite Week Delay

Posted at 8:27 AM, Jan 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-21 08:27:48-05

No matter what weather comes our way, winter west fest organizers say the day of fun is sure to go on. But,  a one-week delay didn’t stop michiganders from coming out to the winter activities in droves on Saturday.

Though it's true that not everyone associates cold and snow with fun, but for Winter West Fest organizers it’s all about making snow fun.

“We really believe in this event it’s a fun way to get families and out, or really anybody in our community, to just have some fun… that old fashion remembering what it’s like to sled down a hill,” says Stephanie Adams, Friend of Grand Rapids Parks Executive Director.

In collaboration with the city of Grand Rapids Parks and Rec. Department as well as neighborhood associations, the event has taken place for four years now.

Due to weather conditions, past events have been canceled. But, this year organizers say they had a back-up plan to mother nature’s fury last Saturday.

“No matter what we really believe that this event is important and so we had a back up snow date and we’re also having it again at Mulick Park next week. We want our parks to be active all year long,” says Adams.

Offering everything from sled races and fat tire racing to a snowman building contest at Richmond park on Saturday, Michigan families say they are happy to have the opportunity to take in the winter activities.

“It’s a great time, lots of activities, it’s family time. A lot of people don’t like to go out in the winter ‘cause it’s too cold, but there is actually a lot of stuff to do. So we really took in these opportunities and made fun of it,” says Mellissa Ramirez, Winter West Fest Attendees.

Continuing the tradition of snow fun for more than two hundred community members.

Winter west fest continues next Saturday, January 27th at Mulick Park on Rosewood Southeast in Grand Rapids.