Some seniors still without proper heat at Pinery Park Apartments

Posted at 5:47 PM, Jan 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-02 17:54:49-05

WYOMING, Mich. -- After FOX 17 filed a complaint on behalf of several seniors without properly working heat at an apartment complex in Wyoming, the issue is still being resolved.

Last Thursday, FOX 17 read temperatures in several tenants' Pinery Park Apartments as low as 49 degrees. After we immediately filed a complaint with the city, two inspectors went to the property that day and filed one violation. Friday several tenants said their heat was working but still tips are coming in that some seniors are without proper heat.

"Real toasty, you've done everything," Ken Haggerty, a long-time Pinery Park resident said to FOX 17 Tuesday. "You fixed me up!"

While Haggerty's apartment improved from 59 degrees to above 70, he and many others are relying on space heaters. After the building's heating problem was broadcast, several residents told FOX 17 their property managers gave them space heaters and said the company will subsidize their electric bills until the heating problems are resolved.

"They said that they were going to reimburse us from now on until it's fixed," said Haggerty.

Many residents told FOX 17 their heat would stop working overnight, or that it's still too cold, but wanted to remain anonymous.

"I'm cold," one woman said, who's running her space heater constantly during the day. "I'm set as high as I can go and I'm still cold."

According to the city of Wyoming inspection records, there is an open inspection and violation against Pinery Park Apartments due to "no heat 49 degrees in hallway and low heat in the units." Records also show an inspector was going to the building again on Tuesday. Inspection officials told FOX 17 the complex's boiler broke, but the management hired a heating contractor immediately. City officials also said residents can file a complaint anonymously.

While speaking with residents Tuesday, FOX 17 also spoke with a Hurst Mechanical employee who was working on the heating issues, saying they're focused on problems with the complex's radiant heating system. The on site property management personnel said "no comment." We still have not heard back from property owners based in California.