Rockford family sells ‘We Are PFOS’d Off’ T-shirts to help provide families clean water

Posted at 5:48 PM, Dec 29, 2017

ROCKFORD, Mich. -- Anger over dangerous chemicals in Kent County water supplies is motivating a West Michigan family to take measures into their own hands.  The family is selling T-shirts to raise money for in -house water filters.

“I love nature," said Amy Williams of Rockford. "I go by the river and it makes me so mad that this is happening.”

Williams, a  mother of four who also is battling breast cancer, is talking about the Wolverine Worldwide water contamination in Rockford, where her family has lived for more than a decade.

The family dreamed up a play on words, 'We Are PFOS'd Off', and had it printed on shirts. The idea is to help loved ones and neighbors.

“We just kind of decided to do something to offset some of the costs to our family about the water, and to raise awareness; and to give back to people who are also struggling," said Williams.

The goal is to sell enough T-shirts - for $20 each - to buy an in-house filter and give a portion of the profits to others in need of clean water.

Williams said while she has not been tested, she said she can't help but wonder if drinking the water for so many years could be connected to her health problems, including her fight against cancer and four miscarriages.

"That would make sense if it was connected, but that’s just speculation," said Williams. "I’m not sure.”

For more information on T-shirts, click here.