Police release suicide note and map from man who admitted to killing Portage woman

Posted at 12:42 PM, Dec 22, 2017

PORTAGE, Mich. - Portage police have released the final notes of a man who admitted to killing his wife.

Pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act request from FOX 17, police released copies of the suicide note of Christopher Lockhart and the map he drew, leading investigators to his wife's body.

Theresa Lockhart had been missing since May. Christopher had been a person-of-interest in the case from almost the beginning and was arrested several times on unrelated issues.

Christopher Lockhart

Christopher Lockhart was found dead in the couple's home on October 24.  The next day, Theresa's body was found buried in the Allegan State Game area.

On the map (PDF), Christopher writes to the detectives to "find her and put her to rest."

"I'm sorry for taking her away from everyone," the writing on the map says. "I had no right to do what I did."

In the letter, (PDF), he writes, "I killed her the night of 5/18/17. I choked her to death downstairs. I was drunk and we were arguing and I snapped."  He goes on to apologize to her family and the community for his "horrible act." He also apologizes to those who believed in him, including his father.

In all, there were 199 pages of documents released Friday. We'll have more on FOX 17 News starting at 4:00 p.m.