Wolverine Worldwide extending water-filtration program

Posted at 10:35 AM, Dec 02, 2017

ROCKFORD, Mich. —  Wolverine Worldwide says it will extend its whole-house drinking-water filtration program to residents in two targeted areas where the chemicals PFOA or PFOS have been test-confirmed.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) has been working with Wolverine since November 2016 on the affected Jewell and Wolven Study areas:

Wolverine Worldwide says eligible residents in those areas will be contacted by Culligan to arrange for the filters to be installed. And Wolverine has decided to foot the bill for the testing, bottled-water service, single-tap filters and the whole-house systems. The Rockford-based footwear maker says it selected the Culligan/Calgon filtration system because it “has been demonstrated to effectively remove PFAS, and ensures that these compounds are not returned to the environment.”

The system uses something called “dual-canister granular-activated carbon absorption.” Wolverine adds that the filtration system has been used to treat water for PFAS in more than 1,000 homes nationwide.

On Saturday, a townhall meeting was held at Northview High School where residents could have their questions answered.

FOX 17 talked on resident who voiced concern for his neighbors.

‘This issue for me is larger, said Travis Brown. “I don`t want this to be about lawsuits, I want this to be about getting my neighbors’ clean water, and that`s my number one focus. We`re in a burning building here folks. It`s time to pull the fire alarm and make sure everyone`s safe before we start investigating the fire. That`s my feeling.”

The meeting was sponsored by a team of lawyers representing lawsuits against Wolverine Worldwide. Attorney’s went over what legal options were living on the contaminated area. Experts were also on hand to elaborate on the contaminated water issue.

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