Michigan Republicans show support for tax reform bill

Posted at 4:41 AM, Dec 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-02 05:27:17-05

LANSING, Mich. --- Michigan Republicans were quick to respond to the Senate passing thetax reform bill saying it will put more money in the pockets of middle class families.

A spokesperson released this statement this morning:

This morning’s vote is a victory for the American middle class who are about to see their pay checks get bigger,” said Michigan Republican Party Chairman Ron Weiser.  He continued, “for too long, our overly complicated tax system has burdened American families with a mountain of confusing forms and paper work. It’s crippled American small businesses with the highest corporate rate in the industrialized world. With this vote the Senate has removed barriers that are holding back the American economy, and taken a major step to help create a fair and simple tax code.  I applaud our Republican leaders in Washington for taking this historic step.”

Michigan Republicans went on to say that the bill will put thousands of dollars back in the pockets of middle class families and help to make American manufacturers, farmers, and small business more competitive around the world.  The legislation passed on 51-49 vote, with Democrats all voting against the tax relief package.