Community support stacks high for Belding woman injured in motorcycle crash

Posted at 10:32 PM, Nov 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-18 22:40:07-05

BELDING, Mich.-- A local church hosted a special fundraiser on Saturday night for a woman critically injured in a motorcycle accident. Marty Warner sustained critical injuries in that crash in September.  Her husband, Michael, did not survive.

Warner told Fox 17 on Saturday she is doing much better physically and mentally. She's not a member of the First Congressional Church in Belding where the benefit was held, but she was amazed to see them willing to support her and help her in this time of need.

"I was amazed," said Warner. "People are so giving. It is unreal. You would not believe the support that we've gotten."

Warner was critically injured in a motorcycle accident with her husband, Michael, on September 9. Warner survived, but her husband did not.

"My right leg has been amputated beneath the knee," said Warner. "I have rods and pins in my left leg and ankle. I have screws in my hip and in my arm. They kind of put me all back together."

With the surgeries came a tall stack of medical bills, something Warner's community wanted to help offset.

"We've been speaking recently in our church about thoughts and prayers and how that's not enough when people are in trouble," said Pastor Paul Hulford from the First Congregational Church. "I had a church member come up to me and say they would like to put this on, let's do this and we ran with it."

The church played host to a pancake benefit dinner on Saturday complete with a silent auction and live music.

"We're just hoping whatever we raise can help offset the medical bills that are accruing for Marty and her family," said Hulford.

It was a strong showing of support for an even stronger woman.

"She's so strong," said Cloe Burkette, Warner's granddaughter. "Going through all of this I'm just so happy that everybody has supported her. She's just the ultimate role model. She's amazing."

"This community and Greenville are amazing," said Warner. "They are amazing. They pulled together and they've helped so much. I want to thank everybody for their kindness.

Warner tells Fox 17 she's hoping to go back to her job at Down Home Family Restaurant in about six months and she doesn't plan on living the rest of her life in a wheelchair.

To help with Warner's medical bills, visit their Go Fund Me page.