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Ready? Fight! Breaking down the action in Marvel Universe Live

Posted at 11:32 AM, Nov 14, 2017

In an epic battle of heroes versus villains, neither side is expected to hold back. In Marvel Universe Live: Age of Heroes, both heroes and villains alike do exactly that! From throwing minions across the room, to knocking down villains with a single punch, to heroes flying through the air after a powerful magic attack, every character goes all in to make the battle look real for the audience.

Each character performing is a professionally trained athlete, bringing in the skills and stamina they need to fight off the forces of evil. However, each cast member needs to learn a whole new type of fighting style to really sell the punches, kicks, and falls that come with a legendary fight.

Todd went behind the scenes to talk to Nick, one of the show's fight captains, to break down all of the action seen in Marvel Universe Live, plus he learned how to throw a few punches.

Marvel Universe Live will be happening at Van Andel Arena on November 17-19.

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