Veteran and service dog denied entry to local Grand Rapids bar

Posted at 10:39 PM, Nov 12, 2017

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- A local veteran says he and his service dog were denied entry to a Grand Rapids bar just before Veterans Day.

Jeremy Smith, who served in Iraq, said he went out with other Marines on Friday for some food in downtown Grand Rapids before going to the Holiday Bar. Managers reportedly wouldn't allow him or his service dog, Jo-Jo, inside. Smith told FOX 17 he was upset over the incident and said it was a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The Holiday Bar posted this on their Facebook Page in response to the incident:

We had a very unsettling incident late Friday evening at our establishment that we are ashamed of and very sorry for. Some of you may have heard bits and pieces and or have been made aware of this. 
Although the decisions that were that night were made out of concern for all involved, it is clear that the wrong decisions were made. For this we are deeply sorry, we know we can’t change what happened but are hopeful we can learn from this. We employ men of armed services, both active and ex, and have nothing but upmost respect and admiration for them and all that serve. 
On behalf of all at the holiday Bar we would like to express our deepest apologies for all the pain this has caused. 
I️n light of all the pain this has caused we will be donating 100% of all of our sales today to the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, we know this doesn’t change what happened, but maybe it will be a cause for reflection in our own hearts if nothing else.