Halloween snowflakes not so scary

Posted at 9:34 AM, Oct 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-30 09:34:20-04

WEST MICHIGAN- We saw a tiny taste of the wintry precipitation over the weekend, but overall, it was just rainy.  While I think this will be comparable what to we’ll experience Tuesday morning, there will be a bit more snow for the eye to behold come early Tuesday.

This disturbance off to our NW will be responsible for scattered showers and a few snowflakes over the coming days.  It will also drag some colder air into the region for tomorrow morning, and that’s why we’re discussing the possibility of snow.

I expect several areas of rain and snow showers Tuesday morning.  Notice how a majority of areas are above freezing at this point.  I believe a few areas may hit the freezing mark at some point, but grassy surfaces look to be the most likely candidate for any brief accumulation.  Rain will still mix in at times, especially later in the morning.

I still expect most of this to be rain, but Tuesday morning will still be the best timeframe for any light snow to accumulate in the grass for a brief period.  Impacts really will be mimimal, but the snow will fly during the morning commute, so the wet roads may slow you down.

Temperatures are still cool by the evening, but the precip should taper off leaving trick or treaters dry, but bundled up as they head door to door.