Albion City Manager rescinds resignation after show of support at council meeting

Posted at 11:00 PM, Oct 30, 2017

ALBION, Mich. --There was a surprising turn of events at a city council meeting in Albion Monday night.

Instead of an approved resignation from City Manager Dr. Sheryl Mitchell, she was met with a standing ovation and made the stunning decision not to resign.

Mitchell submitted her resignation earlier in the month, telling FOX 17 there was disconnect and discord among city council members.

At Monday's special meeting, council members were scheduled to vote on whether to approve her resignation.

SEVERAL ozens of residents showed up asking the council not to approve her request to step down, saying they support her and the work she's doing.  They would like to see the council members work out their differences instead.

"I, too, commit to this promise by hereby officially rescinding my resignation," Mitchell said at the meeting.

The issue that did not come up Monday during public comment: stalking allegations against the mayor involving a resident who filed a personal protection order against him.  Mayor Garrett Brown has stated the accusations are false and that he's hired an attorney.

There is a meeting Tuesday that involves a recall effort against the mayor.  That has nothing to do with the stalking allegations.