Man who overdosed on heroin apologizes to first responders who saved his life

Posted at 4:33 PM, Oct 13, 2017

BEREA, Ohio – A Berea man is asking emergency workers in Euclid to forgive him for how he treated them when he overdosed on heroin on Monday, according to WJW.

Randy contacted WJW because he wanted first responders and Euclid hospital workers to know how much he appreciates them saving his life.

"I had been clean for three or four months," he said. "I got to work; I was in Euclid, and somebody walked up to me and said, 'take a sample,' so  I took the sample."

Randy said he thinks the sample was mostly fentanyl.

"I turned blue and my boss found me in the other room; it was pretty horrific," he said.

Randy's boss called Euclid Fire and Rescue, who transported him to the emergency room at Cleveland Clinic Euclid. But, even before he got there, Randy says he took out his anger on the people who saved his life.

"I yelled at them," he said. "I feel so horrible about how I treated them; those people save people's lives every day and they're getting yelled at.."

Randy says he has tried to quit many times and has been clean for a year, but he says when a dealer offered him a free sample, he couldn't control himself.

He hopes his apology to first responders will be a new beginning as he gets ready to try and quit again.

Randy says he lost his job over the incident and also wants to apologize to his boss.

"It's terrible how I acted," he said. "I shouldn't have acted that way. You people are beautiful, what you do is absolutely beautiful. Don't ever let us morons act like that toward you and take that away from you."