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Morning Buzz: 5 things to know for October 4

Posted at 10:48 AM, Oct 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-04 10:48:12-04

1. The American Planning Association has named Rosa Parks Circle as one of five great public spaces on its annual "Great Places in America List."

The program recognizes streets, neighborhoods and public spaces in the United State that demonstrate exceptional character, quality and planning.

The city of Grand Rapids will celebrate the nomination on Saturday, October 28 with a full-day celebration event filled with music, dancing, and free community activities.

2. The iconic Grand Haven catwalk is more than halfway complete according to leaders in Grand Haven.

The Army Corps of Engineers says it's finished at least 60 percent of repair work since the project started in July. It's the first major overhaul of the structure since the 1950s.

Fundraising started about two years ago, and since then the city has raised about $860,000. The city says it has $140,000 left to raise before the project pays for itself.

3. Flu season is upon us, and according to a new study, a good mood may increase the effectiveness of your flu shot.

Researchers with University of Nottingham examined data from nearly 140 people who all got their shot. Scientists looked at several health indicators like mood, stress levels, negative thoughts, sleep patterns and diet. They found those who reported a more positive mood also had higher levels of antibodies in their blood.

Researchers say there are a variety of factors that can affect how well a vaccine works, but they believe the study suggests that mood is one of those factors.

4. Kids with weak immune systems don't have the option of going door-to-door on Halloween, but the Children's Healing Center in Grand Rapids made sure they won't miss out by hosting a ghostly get-together.

The center teamed up with Spectrum Health to give the kids some Halloween fun that they might otherwise miss out on. This was the first year for the Ghostly Get Together and officials hope to do it again next year.

5. A healthy diet is important, but can food be used as medicine? Spectrum Health launched a new program just last month that focuses on that concept.

Classes are being held by a doctor, a chef, and a dietitian at the downtown market in Grand Rapids.

Their goal is to help doctors at Spectrum better serve patients by preparing meals with health benefits. For example, those who attend will get help choosing foods that help with certain conditions, and get help making traditional recipes healthier.