Local departments setting fires for Fire Prevention Month

Posted at 4:15 PM, Oct 04, 2017

PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- Local fire departments  on Wednesday set fire to side-by-side model rooms to spread awareness during fire prevention month in October.

Multiple departments stood outside the Plainfield Township Fire Department as crews set fire to side-by-side model living rooms.

Both burn cells had the exact same setup: they include carpeting, couches and a television set. However, one had an in-home sprinkler system installed and the other did not.

"In just over a minute-and-a-half, the sprinkler contained the fire and in just over three minutes the other room was completely uninhabitable, you would have never been able to survive," said Deputy Chief Chris Mantels with the Saugatuck Township Fire District.

Multiple departments chipped in to build the brand-new $12,000 portable side-by-side controlled burn trailer, now educating the public on just how hot and fast a fire can burn. Fire officials across the state are now hitting on the importance of installing an in-home fire sprinkler system.

"From January of 2017 to August, 59 people have died in over 8,000 fires statewide," said State Fire Martial, Kevin Sehlmeyer.

In an effort to save lives, firefighters are now transporting their side-by-side trailer and setting it on fire to spread awareness on the importance of being prepared in the event of a fire. Click this link for a full list of how you and your family can be prepared.