Intruder breaks into home, tells woman ‘I’m just trying to feed my kids’

Posted at 5:48 PM, Aug 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-29 17:48:03-04

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Police are searching for an intruder who told a homeowner he was "trying to feed his kids" after he was confronted, according to WXIN.

A mother and her two daughters were inside their home when someone knocked on the front door.  After the family refused to answer the door, the intruder apparently assumed no one was home and pushed in a window air condition unit and crawled inside the home.

“He had his hands in his pockets and he said, ‘I’m just trying to feed my kids. I don’t want to hurt you.’ And I said I’m a mother of two and I don’t want you to hurt us either," the woman told WXIN.

When the woman reached for a weapon -- a BB gun -- the confrontation turned violent.

“He took me and threw me to the floor and across the carpet,” she said.

The intruder grabbed the BB gun out of her hand and took off through a back door.  Ellen has a few scrapes and bumps but isn’t letting a stranger steal her family’s security.

The woman's two daughters were in their rooms the entire time.

“I was ready to pack up and go, but after an hour I really felt sorry for him,” said Ellen.

There are "no trespassing" signs posted in the front and backyard of the home, but that wasn’t enough to stop this robber.

“I want him to know there are jobs out there hiring,” she said.

“Complete, total desperation. There are food banks out there willing to help, maybe he doesn’t know or there’s just a lack of willingness to do the right thing.”

This mother is warning this robber, if he breaks into another home he may not walk away.  If he does have kids, it’s time to start setting an example for them.

“I hope he knows if he keeps going about his wicked ways, it won’t last long,” she said.

Police have not made any arrests.