Trump says Pakistan must end terrorist havens

Posted at 9:56 PM, Aug 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-21 22:30:26-04
(AP) — President Donald Trump says the U.S. “can no longer be silent” about terrorist safe havens in Pakistan.
He says Pakistan often gives sanctuary to “agents of chaos, violence and terror,” and says the Taliban and other groups there pose a threat to the region and beyond. Trump is outlining his administration’s strategy to the war in neighboring Afghanistan. He says a pillar of that strategy is a change in the U.S. approach to Pakistan.He adds that Pakistan has much to gain from partnering with the U.S. and much to lose from harboring terrorists.For years, Washington has criticized Pakistan’s tolerance of Taliban militants who launch attacks in Afghanistan. During the Obama administration, restrictions were imposed on military aid to Islamabad because of those concerns.Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is signaling the U.S. will increase troop numbers in Afghanistan as part of the president’s new war strategy.Mattis says he has directed the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to prepare to carry out President Donald Trump’s plans.

He doesn’t speak about the size of a U.S. troop increase.

But he says he’ll consult with NATO and U.S. allies, “several of which have also committed to increasing their troop numbers.”

Mattis says, “Together, we will assist the Afghan Security forces to destroy the terrorist hub.”

President Donald Trump says U.S. troops “will fight to win” in Afghanistan. And he’s using his prime-time address to the nation to offer a “clear definition” of victory.

Trump says victory in Afghanistan will mean “attacking our enemies” and “obliterating” the Islamic State group. He’s also vowing to crush al-Qaeda, prevent the Taliban from taking over the country, and stopping terror attacks against Americans.

Trump is discussing his strategy in Afghanistan, and noting the frustration that many Americans have about the 16-year war.

President Donald Trump says his new strategy on Afghanistan will be based on conditions on the ground, not timing.

The president says in an address to the nation that he will not “talk about numbers of troops or our plans for further military activities.”

Trump is outlining the pillars of his strategy to address Afghanistan and the South Asia region. He says the U.S. is not about nation building, but rather, “we are killing terrorists.”

President Donald Trump says the U.S. needs a plan for “and honorable and enduring outcome” in Afghanistan.

He says a rapid exit would have unacceptable consequences.

Trump says, “a hasty withdrawal would create a vacuum” that the Islamic State group and al-Qaida would fill.

The president was making a rare, nationally televised address late Monday on his strategy for what is America’s longest war.

Trump says his original instinct was to pull out of Afghanistan, but he shifted his view after studying the issue “from every conceivable angle.”

President Donald Trump says he shares the frustration of Americans with the nation’s long war in Afghanistan.

Trump says in an address to the nation that his “original instinct was to pull out,” but he reached a different conclusion after studying the issue once he was in the Oval Office.

Trump says the United States must seek “an honorable and enduring outcome” worthy of the sacrifices in the region.

He says a hasty withdrawal would create a vacuum that terrorists would instantly fill.

Trump spoke during a prime-time address on his plan for handling the 16-year conflict in Afghanistan.