Spanish mother killed in gruesome elevator accident minutes after giving birth

Posted at 5:31 PM, Aug 21, 2017

SEVILLE, Spain – A Spanish woman who went to the hospital to deliver her third child ended up dead in a horrific accident.

The Local reports Rocio Cortes Nuñez delivered a child by C-section on Sunday at Seville’s Valme Hospital and was being wheeled from surgery to a recovery room when she became caught in an elevator.

Per local media, staff wheeled Cortes onto the elevator, but while the doors opened and shut, the elevator didn’t move. They reportedly decided to try another elevator, and as they were moving her out and with the doors open, it started going up.

Precise details are unclear, but part of her body was outside the elevator and part was in, and the BBC picks up reports that suggest she was decapitated.

Cortes, whose age is variously given as 25 and 26, was also a mother to 4- and 5-year-old daughters. The Local reports her newborn was not in the elevator with her during the accident, which a regional health minister describes as “quick, unusual, and tragic.” Her family is demanding someone be punished over the death; the elevator was reportedly serviced fewer than 10 days ago.

(This mom sued an Oregon hospital for $8.6 million over her newborn’s suffocation death.)

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