Police: Noose found hanging at Muskegon school playground

Posted at 2:57 PM, Aug 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-14 22:18:16-04

MUSKEGON, Mich. - Muskegon Police are investigating an apparent incident of a noose being hung on an area school playground.

Police say they were informed that a local man had posted a photo on Facebook claiming that it had been attached to the playground of Glenside School on Hackley Avenue.  Police went to the school Sunday night and did not find a noose. They contacted the school and Muskegon Public School officials confirmed to police that they had removed a noose from the playground earlier in the day.

"It was on a swing set. It was just hanging on a swing set," says Justin Jennings, superintendent of Muskegon Public Schools. "One of our employees discovered it and contacted their supervisor.”

Superintendent Jennings wants everyone to know that Muskegon is a safe place where everyone is welcome.

"I want people to know and I want the community to know that our school and our district and our county is a safe place, this is not something we tolerate."

Muskegon Public Schools have sent a note home to parents informing them of the incident.  They say a Head Start teacher found it, took a picture, took it down and notified her supervisor. No other incidents were reported at the school.  Head Start teachers report to school this week and students report on September 5.

Police now have the noose as evidence.  Anyone with information is asked to contact Muskegon Police at 231-724-6750 or Silent Observer at 231-722-7463.