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Paraplegic Nitro Circus biker continues to follow his passion despite accident

Posted at 1:13 PM, Aug 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-04 13:17:40-04

Fifth Third Ball Park is transforming into a big play land for all types of things on wheels for freestyle riders at the Nitro Circus on Sunday and one of the riders has an incredible story to share.

Freestyle rider Bruce Cook is one of the riders at the Nitro Circus who are constantly pushing their limits and breaking records, doing what no person has done before.

"Since I was young it's been all about hitting jumps and make the jumps bigger," Cook said. "There have been so many times where we think that's it and we can't do anymore on a dirt bike or BMX...Nitro Circus is about pushing limits of what is possible. "

Back in 2015 Cook was the first paraplegic in the world to complete a back flip on a motorcycle, but this wasn't the first time he attempted a world first. It was the year before during another world record attempt when he was severely injured.

In 2014 Cook attempted to become the first person in the world to complete a double front flip on a motorcycle. When he sped toward the ramp and flew into the flip, he didn't complete the second rotation all the way resulting in him breaking one of his vertebra.

After the accident, Cook was rushed to the hospital to undergo surgery, but Cook would never be able to use his legs again. Despite the tragic accident, Cook's first thought was of what he could accomplish in his condition.

"I knew right from the get go I wanted to get back on that bike," Cook said. "No one had landed a back flip as a paraplegic before, and that was my number one on my list of things to do."

10 months after his accident, he was already back training on his modified bike. The bike is designed to secure his legs when he goes a flip, which sounds like a simple solution. However since he's strapped to the bike, he can't bail if the trick goes wrong, making the back flip much more dangerous.

Fear couldn't stop Cook from doing what most people couldn't even imagine after what he went through. Cook was strapped into the bike and sped towards the ramp, and completed the flip perfectly.

Ever since then, Cook has been continuing to find new goals for himself, and not letting his condition stop him from doing the impossible.

"When I broke my back it was terrible, but at the same time it hits you what you take for granted. I easily could have lost my life that night, so I'm making the most of every day and living life the best I can."

The Nitro Circus Live is on Sunday, August 6 at Fifth Third Ballpark at 7 p.m. Dozens of riders will take 'insanely awesome' to a whole new level with dangerous stunts and tricks in motocross, BMX, and other X-Games sports. There's even some stunts where riders go down a ramp in obscure objects like a sofa chair.

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