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What’s a Crowler? Riverside Lounge offers convenient take home cans

Posted at 12:24 PM, Jul 21, 2017

Growlers are great to bring to breweries in order get a taste of the hundreds of craft beers available in Grand Rapids. While growlers provide a large amount of craft beer to enjoy at home with friends and family, it's not good for when a person is buying for themselves.

At Riverside Lounge, customers can fill up their growlers with one of 50 beers they have on tap, or they can purchase a more personal sized growler to take home called a 'crowler.'

Crowlers are 32 ounce cans that are filled and sealed for customers to take home. It's equivalent to the size of two 16 oz pints, so there's no need to worry about letting a huge amount of beer go to waste if they can't drink it all.

Crowlers are also disposable, whereas growlers take up lots of space in the cupboards. Plus, smaller sized containers means craft beer lovers can get more of a variety of beers versus committing to a particular flavor.

Riverside Lounge also has more than 130 whiskeys and bourbons available to purchase. All of them are available to taste so people can try before they buy it at their store.

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