Class ring found in lake, returned to owner 35 years after being lost

Posted at 4:47 PM, Jul 11, 2017

WEST MICHIGAN – A 1982 Jenison High School class ring lost for 35 years has been returned to its rightful owner after a local treasure hunter reached out to FOX 17.

Ace Covey has been searching for buried treasure with the help of his Minelab Excalibur metal detector for as long as he can remember.

Covey collects old coins and Civil War relics while also unearthing and returning nearly 30 wedding and class rings to those who ask for help. But it was one ring he found three years ago that proved difficult to find the owner.

“I’ve been trying to research this class ring I found a number of years ago, I just haven’t been able to locate the owners,” Covey said. “So I decided to reach out to the Problem Solvers and see if they can help me track them down.”

The 1982 class ring was found in Maple Wood Lake in Jenison. It has the letters DSC inscribed on the band alongside the Jenison wildcat mascot.

After doing some research and cross referencing at the Grand Rapids Public Library, Covey learned it belonged to Deborah Sue Crowe but was never able to find her. So he reached out to FOX 17 News for help.

After a few phone calls we found Deborah Sue Crowe. who now goes by Deb Mart. She agreed to meet at a local park, thinking we were doing a story about her 35-year reunion. Unknown to her, Covey ‘crashed’ the interview, revealing her long lost ring.

“How long has it been missing?” asked Covey.

“I think I lost it like six months after I got it!” Mart replied.

Deb says she lost it swimming with her friends senior year back in 1982. Now 35 years later, she got the reunion she never expected.

“This is amazing, thank you,” Deb said.

After getting her ring back, Deb took it to a jeweler to get it polished. She says it looks just like it did the day she bought it. As for Covey, he’s returned nearly 30 rings back to their rightful owners following treasure hunts, saying even though the rings might not hold much value, it’s the memories that are priceless.