Mercy Health diet program ranked #1 best fast weight diet second year in a row

Posted at 8:42 AM, Jul 10, 2017

MUSKEGON, Mich-- If you've been working to shed off those excess pounds, you're in luck.

There is a top-ranked diet program here in West Michigan that may be an option for you. For the second year in a row, Mercy Health's Weight Management program has been named number one for best fast weight diet by U.S World and News Report.

Organizers say whether you have 200 lbs to lose or 20, this program can help. It helped Breck Adkins. He started the program in October 2015 and has lost and kept off more than 70 lbs.

Until recently, Adkins never seemed to mind that he was "living large."

"Growing up in the south everything is deeply fried, every family event is centered around food," Adkins said.

After Adkins saw a photographed image of himself, his weight began weighing heavy on his heart.

"I didn't even recognize myself so I knew at that moment I had to do something because I was on a path not to be around to watch my grandson grow up," Adkins said.

At 320 lbs, Adkins decided it was time to make a change. He found a solution in Mercy Health with operations supervisor Carrie Kelly.

"A lot of people that come to us they’ve tried a lot of things before and they don't know what to do they're sick of making decisions for themselves and we offer structured plans that tell them exactly what they need to do to make it easy for them and we help them get to their weightless goals," Kelly said.

The program involves a structured weight-loss plan, long-term weight management, fitness classes and nutritious low-calorie HMR meal replacements.

Mercy Health has a multi-phase approach. Kelly says they want you to be successful with your weight loss and they want to help you keep it off forever.

Today, Adkins eats clean and works out four days a week. He says this program is the best decision he ever made.

"If you're struggling with weight if you're get up in the morning and ache you know you need to do something but you don't know what you've tried this, tried that, whatever fad diet comes along next, come to the seminar see if it's a fit for you," Adkins said.

To see if this program is right for you, give Mercy Health a call at 231-672-4325.