Thousands attend fireworks show in downtown Grand Rapids

Posted at 11:30 PM, Jul 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-02 13:55:40-04

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. --- A big night in Grand Rapids as thousands of people flocked to downtown for the Amway Family Fireworks Show Saturday night.

The fun began about 5 p.m. with vendors, music and games for the whole family.

FOX 17 talked to a lot of people excited about this weekend's events. Some people were there seeing the fireworks for the first time and many showed up hours earlier to grab a prime seat for the festivities.

"We're just here to watch the fireworks and have fun," said Emma Gunnett.

“I’m here just checking out all these stands," said Charlie Bartz. " I’m going to be here for the big firework show.”

While many  made a day of it downtown, others like Sloane Catalanotti, had other plans leading up to the events.

“We’re playing by our blankets and I went to my friend Audrey’s house today and went to splash pad," she said.

As our crew saw everyone was having lots of fun downtown. The fireworks may have wrapped up downtown, but hopefully you and your family are able to enjoy an extended holiday weekend.