Mulch facility fire expected to burn for at least a week

Posted at 7:34 AM, Jun 27, 2017

MOTTVILLE TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- Monday afternoon dozens of fire departments were alerted about a large fire at a mulch manufacturing facility near Mottville on M-103.

Crews from Michigan and Indiana responded to find a massive blaze, that has now burned over a dozen acres.

"It was a tough start trying to stop the fire from spreading," said White Pigeon Fire Chief Troy Andrews. "The wind was in our favor but due to the fuel load it just kept spreading and gaining intensity and became a bigger fire."

With mulch, palettes and other fuel sources, this fire is causing challenges, according to fire officials. for the crew Andrews told FOX 17.  They are currently digging trenches to help contain the blaze from spreading further.

"Yesterday [Monday] we probably had close to 100 personnel on scene,"  said White Pigeon Assistant Fire Chief Tyler Royce. "This morning, as we came into daylight hours, probably 40. We were able to start sending some guys home for rest."

Trenches were dug to help prevent the fire from spreading further. They're working on installing a sprinkler system that helps keep some of the unburnt mulch soaked so it doesn't catch fire.

It is expected to take at least a week for the flames to die out. Crews will be working six-hour shifts around the clock to monitor it.

"We aren't going to be able to put the fire out, we contained it. We hope to keep it contained and it is just going to have to burn itself out," Andrews said.

The cause of this massive fire is unknown at this time.