Motorcyclist hurt in crash warns drivers to keep eyes on road

Posted at 6:09 PM, Jun 26, 2017

BYRON CENTER, Mich. -- Ben Greengtski walked out of his apartment Monday morning with his arm in a sling. He shared a word of caution to all drivers: stay alert.

On Saturday, Greengtski was involved in one of at least three crashes in Kent County between motorcycles and cars, one of which turned deadly. Monday he told FOX 17 he's thanking his helmet for saving his life after the driver in front of him took a rogue turn.

Around 4 p.m. last Saturday, Greengtski says he drove his motorcycle down a hill on 84th Street  SW approaching Clyde Park Avenue SW in Byron Center. The car in front of him slowed and had its left blinker on, but just as Greengtski says he slowed and merged into the lane to the right, the car suddenly turned right. He says he hit the car's passenger side and went flying off his motorcycle; he shattered his helmet and his collarbone.

"I remember flying over the curb," he said.

"I was just coming up behind him. If they had turned like they were indicating, I would have just flown past them, would have been fine."

Then, hours apart, two other crashes happened on Saturday. Around noon on 28th Street SW near Byron Center Avenue SW, Wyoming police say a car turned in front of a motorcycle killing a 47-year-old woman motorcyclist. As of Monday evening police have not released her name.

Emergency crews also responded to a motorcycle-car crash Saturday night around 10:30 p.m. on Northland Drive NE near The Score Restaurant and Bar near Plainfield Township. Still no word on any injuries.

Greengtski says everyone behind the wheel needs to keep their eyes on the road, and double-check before turning or changing lanes.

"Watch out for motorcycles," he said.  "I’ve been hearing about way too many accidents.”

“Keep a safe distance. Really. See someone slowing down, slow down too.”